Hello 2016, Hello Metro

January 30, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

What a way to start 2016! At the end of January some of my photos were published online in the Metro, after being invited along to shoot some tasty new cocktail recipes courtesy of Rivington Grill in Shoreditch.

The shoot was to promote D1 Potato Vodka. As with all food photography, there were a few things that put the pressure on in terms of timing. For example, a freshly made cocktail topped with ice starts perspiring the minute it’s served, so it helps to be able to shoot quickly before the glass turns into a sweaty mess.

And in order to shoot quickly, you need to know how you’ll compose the shot, decide on the background, and ensure all elements of the drink are arranged and looking exactly how you want. Since the bar was well lit I opted against using lighting and made the most of the surrounding natural light. Normally I use a soft box set-up, however in this case I was pleased with my decision and the outcome – which made for some great visual accompaniment to the full article.