Client Testimonial – The Shared Table

August 8, 2015 Events, Food 0 Comments

Mark Greenwood has been following his passion and enjoying his career as a Michelin-trained chef for over 15 years. Recently Mark’s creative vision has resulted in him realizing one of his life ambitions; in October 2015 he launched his first pop-up dining experience The Shared Table, a concept based on bringing people together with healthy dishes created from sustainable sources.

Needing high quality and eye-catching images for his new website and to help drive customers to future events, Mark decided to book a photographer to cover his supper club. He was also looking for content to help boost his Facebook following as well as Instagram, Twitter, and all other marketing aspects of his business.

Mark had seen Carrie’s photos from her website and Facebook page. After deciding what exactly he was looking for in terms of final images, he sent Carrie a brief and the finer details were quickly hashed out. After some careful research and discussion to ensure she would accurately depict the essence of the Shared Table, Carrie attended the evening of the launch and had a lot of fun documenting the event. Mark commented;

“Along with making friends with the guests she captured, Carrie was amazing to work with. She gave me exactly what she said she would – plus a little more, really exceeded my expectations.”


Mark received the final edited images back within a few days and was extremely pleased with what he received;

“The quality of Carrie’s photography is of the highest standard and I love what she produced. Standard of work – 11/10”.

Looking forward, Mark has many more pop-up dining events planned with some very exciting new ideas to keep guests entertained. Because of the solid professional relationship he was able to build with Carrie, he feels confident about an ongoing partnership;

“I recommend everything about Carrie and will work with her for years to come. In fact I hope to be working with her very soon for next years pop up.”

When asked what he would say to other chefs and restaurant owners looking for a photographer, his response was;

“For any one looking for quality, Carrie’s photos will really make you stand out above the rest. Amazing images like this have really helped attract more attention and ultimately get more interest and bookings to my events, as well as paint an accurate picture of what my events are all about.” 

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