Client Testimonial – The Breakfast Co.

October 12, 2015 Food 0 Comments

18 months ago London was finally able to boast a service that delivered breakfasts and brunches’ right to customer’s doorsteps. The Breakfast Co still remains the only business that specialises in this particular type of cuisine, offering a fine array of muffins, full English breakfasts, healthy Mexican brunches, less healthy pancakes, and smoothies amongst other delectable goodies to start the day with.

Manager Niki Byrne is the Head Chef and mastermind of the Breakfast Co. In recent months Niki had finalised a new marketing strategy for his business that started with revamping his old website.

The new-look site required updating in terms of photos, and so the hunt began for Niki to seek a photographer to capture some of his best sellers for the new site, as well as his social media channels, to help boost marketing.

Carrie was referred to Niki through a mutual friend. After seeing some of her photos from her website, Niki decided to reach out to Carrie with his requirements. He made it clear he wanted something a little different to the usual clean cut, classic shots where the food looks tidy and perfectly positioned. His quirky branding screams hearty breakfasts to cure any hangover, feel-good food that makes you feel better in an instant. As part of her prep, Carrie researched Niki’s company to get a more rounded idea of his brand voice as well as what he wanted to achieve.


Within two weeks Carrie was at Niki’s kitchen in Camberwell. During the shoot they worked together, bouncing ideas off each other such as messing up the table décor, spilling salt, bursting egg yolks… and generally having a good giggle in the process.

The final images sent back within one week. Pleased with the images and the way the shoot went, Niki commented;

“I was really impressed, Carrie’s photos look very cool and of very high quality. They exceeded my expectations, the angles she achieved were better than I thought were possible.”

Niki has plans to continue developing his website in order to attract more attention from potential customers, and continue boosting his brand voice. When questioned whether he would work with Carrie again, he replied;

“Absolutely. I found working with Carrie very easy going and the whole experience was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to working with her again soon and have already recommended her to other business owners.”