The XX

As darkness fell at Hatfield House, The XX graced the stage and proceeded to execute a haunting barrage of exquisite soundscape upon soundscape of melancholic beauty. Vocals melted and harmonised with effortless perfection, weaving off-key notes with incredulously blended melodies. Moments of stillness emphasised a respect for time and space. And just like the poignant pauses between sounds, intermittent lightning strobes served to accentuate the theatrics of the performance. Aside from the fact these guys are my heroes and I’d been waiting an eternity to see them live, the other reason why this gig sticks out in my mind is that it’s the first (and only) time I’ve felt nerves in the pit! All of a sudden there I was – standing just a few feet away from them. With only three songs-worth of time to do them justice. But like with all artists I shoot, I took my time adjusting to their presence; observing before taking any shots. In these moments I got so caught up in the music my nerves dissolved, and I proceeded to enjoy one of the most ethereal musical experiences I’ve had the pleasure of shooting.

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