Alex Cheyney Yoga

When I walked into my first practice in 2012, I had no idea how much of a game changer yoga would turn out to be. My initial aim was to build strength and flexibility. Little did I know it would also transform my lifestyle, my entire way of thinking, and the way I now try to root my body and being in the present moment. For me it’s all about dropping judgment and expectation, and instead moving internally and externally with compassion and acceptance. I try daily to extend this beyond the studio, out into the world around me and to the people I meet. And hardest of all – to myself.

Every job I do is special in it’s own way. However to help promote something so close to my heart made this yoga shoot extremely poignant; I was over the moon when instructor Alex Cheyney first approached me. Taking the time to chat through her objectives, I came to understand she wanted photos for her website that would appeal to yogis of all levels. It was important to her to not scare off anyone with poses that looked too advanced.

Head to my blog to read more about the shoot, how we did it, and what I ultimately hope to achieve from my results.

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